Gastronomy courses :

Improve your English and learn tips of culinary art during the cooking lessons with a chef. Discover new tastes and new recipes based on local and typical products, while practicing English in a relaxed atmosphere, easing spontaneous conversation. Our Gastronomy course will help you discover your hidden cooking talents and create complete delicious menus that your future guests will adore. You will be introduced to the French cuisine through attending practical courses with a chef, who will unveil to you all the tricks and secrets to preparing delicious dishes. You will learn how to prepare dishes that are both traditional and modern and discover a new world of tastes and flavours in the kitchen.

  • Start date

    All year round

    Entry requirements

    B1 recommended

    Minimum age

    18 yo


    Nice & Cannes


    1 week


    20 lessons/week

    Maximum class size

    15 students


    Host families / residence / hotel


    Two Cooking class with a chef
    Two half day in a local vineyard

  • Interested in both courses, We have a combined package for € 2759


    • Presentation of French gastronomy (history, principles and rules)
    • France and the local cuisine: French regional specialties Pistou soupe, Provençal mussels, la salade niçoise – typical salad from Nice, the socca, pan bagnat, panisses, les farcis – little stuffed vegetables, la bouillabaisse – fish specialty from Marseilles, la tarte tropézienne – cream pie from Saint-Tropez...
    • The differences between the North and the South of the country: cooking with butter in the North or with olive oil around the Mediterranean, order a meal, dining hours, and many other cultural differences...
      Learn more about the name origins and famous meals (e.g. tarte tatin, les bétises de Cambray...)
    • Learn how to create a tasteful recipe with English culinary vocabulary to impress your guests.
    • A visit to a local market with regional products: Learn to identify products and create full menus
    • How to present a meal; create a dining experience that tempts all of the senses…
    • Learning materials included
    • Official RFI certificate

    • € 1449
      20 French lessons + 2 cooking classes with a chef


    • History of Vine and Wine (from ancient times to nowadays)
    • Oenology (the vine, grapes, ampelography: soil study and selection of grape varieties, the transformation of grapes into wine: the grape harvest, winemaking in the winery, breeding, care and types of special winemaking, introduction to wine tasting)
    • Knowledge of wine regions French: geography, designations, soil types, grape varieties and wine types, different winemaking traditions. (Provence, the Rhone Valley, Languedoc & Roussillon, the Southwest, Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Alsace, Champagne, the Loire and the Centre, Jura and Savoie)
    • Learning the technique and vocabulary of tasting: if it is a science for some, tasting is above all a pleasure that appeals to the senses of sight, smell and taste
    • Matching Food and Wine (traditional marriages and harmonics, study of French gastronomy and its combination with wines)
    • The service of different types wines (sedimentation, aeration, glasses and wine jug, temperature)
    • Learning materials included
    • Official RFI certificate
    • € 1449
      20 lessons + 2 half-day excursions to a local vineyard