Accommodation in teacher's host family on full board basis,
with daily language courses

Immersion Camps provide the opportunity to get into the heads of locals, observe their day-to-day lives, and try to understand the differences between you and them, which can change between cities or even neighborhoods. Explore the same hangout spots, TV shows, grocery stores, and community events. Language immersion programs strive to provide intensive language classes in addition to the environment needed to reinforce what you learn in the classroom.


Arrival in the host family. The host-family will pick up the student upon arrival. Discovery of family life and habits.
The host family is our partner and we have been working together over the years. All our teachers are qualified professionals and experienced in teaching the foreigners.

Week Program :

From 9AM to 10.30AM :
2 private in-home English lessons
Afternoon : Free time with family.
Cannes or Nice
Walking half-day guided tour with the teacher

About this camp
Why are immersion camps
the best way to learn English ?

This camp gives young kids the opportunity to immerse themselves in English culture through an Immersion program. It offers the student a homestay in our region of the French Riviera. Students can gain intercultural experience, relax and have fun while learning about English life and society. Immersion programs can be organised for a minimum of 1 week in a warm and inviting home stay. For this programme, our host families are certified English teachers who encourage each child to learn English through practice while embracing French culture.

Ce voyage a été très intéressant et enrichissant pour moi ! Tout s’est très bien passé. Merci !
Verena H.


1469 €/week

Homestay courses

activities with the host family
from 4 to 17 years old

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